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Galactic Hounds is a small comapny based in the South of England. Our work comprises of a mix of Web and Game Development.

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These Lands


These Lands is a Virtual Reality Puzzle Game which was released onto the Steam Store.
These Lands consists of multiple levels and puzzles for the player to solve in an immersive Virtual Reality Experience.

This project was originally designed by Astro Chimp Studios, and was implemented by the team here at Galactic Hounds. Implementation was done within Unity using C# as the primary language.

TL-1 TL-2 TL-3 TL-4 TL-5 TL-6

VR Puzzle Tools

VRP Puzzle Tools promo image

We created a selection of tools to help make placing puzzles into a Unity Game easier. This project involved getting specificaton from a client as to the puzzles they wanted tools for. We then created Editor Extensions for Unity for the puzzles requested.

Screenshot of Puzzle Tools showing Archery Editor GUI Screenshot of Puzzle Tools showing Totem Down Puzzle


We created a personal website for Ethan Bruins. One of the members of the Galactic Hounds. This website features a portfolio and informational sub-pages to give the site a clean design. Each portfolio item has the option to have embeded images and videos to help potential
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Pie, Anyone?


'Pie, Anyone?' is a local multiplayer game which utilises the accelerometer on Nintendo Switch Joycons to allow the players to move. This game features a dynamic camera system to allow for between 2-8 players to play. Galactic Hounds was responsible for producing the player movement script and level implementations in Unity.




Draumskrok is a first person dungeon crawlling horror game. This game utilizies the players voice for input to add extra immersion. This game was well recieved onto the platform gaining a number of downloads. This resulted in the game being played on many youtube channels.

Draumskrok Draumskrok Draumskrok Draumskrok

Bongo Beatdown

Bongo Beatdown

Bongo Beatdown Bongo Beatdown

Who We Are

Galactic Hounds is an Independant Games Developer who also have experience creating websites. We have worked on many projects ranging from small games, to full virtual reality experiences.

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We are always on the look out for new and exiciting projects. If you would like to work with us, please send an email to